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Here, you choose your inner journey, to express your views without judgment, to feel outside of the chaos of life, and to heal and find alternative ways to ease your dis-eases, expand and just to be you.

"You are more than your circumstances".

Consciousness and beyond

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"I can deal with this", "I'll be ok", "I'm stronger than this", "This is too much", and "Why does this keep happening to me".

Recognize or find similarity in any of the above statements? Sometimes the thoughts get louder and the feelings are heavy.  Having a space to allow thoughts and feelings to be free, and added introspection work will help put you back in the "here and now". Not with just someone who will listen, but hear you, see you, and get you to facilitate your own healing. 

Counselling (mid to long term)

Over 18 years old individual sessions

All counselling sessions are 50 minutes long. Sessions are held online via Zoom, over the phone or at two locations in Surrey (face-to-face). 

Concession rate is available.

Contact me if you feel I can help.

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Hiking Trail

Single Sessions Counselling

Over 18 years old-One Individual Person Session

If you do not have time to attend weekly sessions, SSC (Single sessions counselling) is a 90 minute session to assist to move forward on a single common mental issue.  

Depending on your issue, you will leave with tools and interventions or referral details to help. You also have a choice to embark on longer therapy sessions.

Group Sessions

Connection and Understanding

We are all connected. 
Come and expand and grow your awareness with other like-minded people as we explore within ourselves and find that not so obvious connection.

1st June 2024 - Art of Journeying - SOLD OUT

21st July 2024 - Art of Journeying - NEW EVENT

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Quantum Healing Hypnosis

Regression/ Trance/ Theta Healing

Quantum Healing is a deep relaxation technique to heal emotional upset at a micro-cellular level, providing answers to questions only your soul may hold, with integration to understand what has been revealed to you during this amazing session. This powerful yet simple technique has profound healing effects on the body, mind and soul.  

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