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Flow and let go!

Counselling/talking therapy is everything, yes everything. No topic, subject or scenario is off-limits. Everything is connected, therefore once in the flow of conversation, you know, when having a good chat with friends, colleagues, and loved ones, there is a sense of flow, joy and laughter. In this state, recollection of memory flow from the unconscious to the conscious mind is easy.

Where there are blocks, it can be more effort to continue this state and where it gets harder to gather momentum, it could be a result of depression or anxiety; worry, anger, guilt, or shame, or deeper trauma patterns held within the body and psyche.

Bodily manifestations, of depression or anxiety, are; poor sleep, fatigue, and low concentration levels.  

Counselling can assist in the unblocking and broadening of the mind and bodily awareness. Just talking can be the magic key or interventions can be suggested to allow the flow to let go.  So if you are ready, contact me here.

Happy Family
Group of Friends

Maintaining Connection to Self

You hold all the answers to your path ahead. That sounds like a wild statement but a true one. No one can think or do what you do as you are unique in every way. So what is your OWN way? Are they hidden under uncertainty, low esteem, doubt or left behind in an old experience yet to be dusted off and found again; or have they transformed into something else you think is not associated with your current experience?  

If you are the child of the 80s and 90's, you may have noticed a large change in how we live our lives today, driven by technology and led by perfect projections on a screen of may shapes and sizes. Or maybe it was that parent, friend, or relationship who has an influence over how you wish to be or do for yourself. Awaken to the fact that you may have dismissed yourself in your life experience can be a calling to pick up where you left your confidence, your self worth and value and put it back into your power pack.  

The Internal Compass

Navigating in Woods
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