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Counselling is figuring out the pieces of your life, who you are underneath; the emotions you carry, what is creating the emotional disruptions, and how to bring balance into your current life.  

I wish for you to hear your inner wisdom, articulate your feelings and gain mastery over your emotions.  It takes time and work, and this formula has no magic. It takes is making time to be present with yourself, slow down and be with yourself.


'What has my past got to do with my life now?'

Everything. It may not be easy to look back but the past can catch up with the present.  When you are not aware of your past issues, those past emotions stick and block ourselves from feeling safe and be rational.

I want you to understand what your emotions are saying to you, how they communicate to you, how they work for you and protect you. Working with compassion and non-judgement, the aim is to cultivate a better and more harmonious relationship with yourself and those around you.  

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Why should I consider working with a therapist?

There are many self help books and tools out there however  working with a therapist helps to reconcile better with yourself, challenge your thoughts and assist in a healthy development of your awareness.  

I work with the Body, Mind and Soul.

What else do I need to know?

Condsider all of the following to make therapy work for you.


Consider if you can give time for therapy out of your schedule on a weekly basis. Therapy gives you a chance to slow down and focus on just you.  


The first session is at a discounted rate of £30.  This session is held online for both of us to meet each other, for you get a flavour of how I work, ask any questions and maybe start to speak on what brought you to seek therapy. 

Booking your second session

After your first session, if you choose, the next session will be the first of six weekly sessions.  These sessions allow both of us to find a rhythm to work together, get comfortable and get into the layers of your life experience.  

How many sessions do I need?

There is no set session number as there may be more than one issue you wish to work on and working through issues are different from one person to the next.  Remember you are unique and taking the time to be with yourself, and work with yourself should not be measured in time or numbers, but in how you feel. 

Do you have flexi-bookings?

Yes, my online or phone sessions are flexible if you have unpredictable days and times to work with,  Monday to Thursday,  provided there is the space.  

Face-to-face bookings are at a set time and place.  Contact me for more info.

What can I and can't speak about?

You can talk about anything you choose.  All is connected to understand who you are and your purpose.  You may start with one or even several issues, there is no limit.  

You may find through talking, other past experiences presenting themselves to be looked at.  You are in the flow to let let go.  If there are issues that need specialized attention, I will suggest a referral.

Can I bring family/friends/my partner to my session?

I provide individual, 1 to 1 counselling service only.  

You may wish to continue with couples or family counselling, also known as 'we' counselling, after individual sessions which is a different way of working.

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