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Natasha Huggins-Woolcock, MBACP, PNCPS (Acc.)

Therapy for those who wish to know who they are at a deeper level.

Integrative Holistic Counselling and Quantum Healing for growth, strength and resilience. 

Therapy is not just talking....talking was never our first language anyway.

Feeling was always your superpower. From when you were born, most of us felt the rush of air through your lungs and cried, felt a wet nappy and whimpered, felt hungry and balled. Losing touch of ourselves, our superpower has halted the process of feeling and healing.

Hi I'm Natasha and thank you for stopping by.

As a certified and registered Counsellor, years of practice allow me to understand different ways to assist each client’s needs effectively. I am flexible in my approach and use compassion, balance, exploration and collaboration as the basis of my therapy.  

I hold the strong belief that people are perfectly unique but can also become stuck, unhappy, and unable to live a fulfilling life. Emotions are necessary for us to experience life, however, some circumstances can leave us feeling heavily drained and unable to make sense of it all.  Identifying with your power is living with your power while

 assists others to do the same, consciously or unconsciously.


How can I help you?

Are you struggling with......

Do you wish to.........

Image by Ivan Aleksic
  • Anxiety

  • Sadness, depression

  • Overwhelm, overthinking

  • Grief, loss, bereavement

  • Relationship (to self and others)

  • Abandonment, Rejection

  • Identity

  • Co-dependency

  • Trauma; various 

  • Body/weight issues

Or just want to talk, and explore.

  • Know how better to manage and cope

  • Know and understand your trigger points

  • Recognize repeating patterns

  • Understand yourself 

  • Create a better relationship to yourself

  • Start looking inwards 

  • Make a change


It’s absolutely incredible to feel more confident in myself, to be more grounded and to have clear boundaries. I honestly couldn’t recommend Natasha enough!


I am definitely better and physically stronger and I know I couldn’t have done it without you.


I have been able to develop better and more effective communication skills and establish healthy and positive boundaries.
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